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RF Components: How to Order

How to Order

Please follow carefully to ensure that your order is processed quickly

General Info
Purchase orders can be sent via email to or call us at 209-825-3977

Option Selection
The optional features available for each module is listed on the datasheet and included in the quote. Please list the optional features needed on the PO by name or number code, which can be referenced (see option table below)
Options not specified in the Purchase Order will not be present on the units delivered.

Tuning & Testing
If required, specify the frequency band the amplifier will be used in, especially if different from the default bandwidth listed in the unit's specification sheet. If the forward and/or reverse power detection options are selected, please specify what levels to set the detectors to (e.g. 2.5V @ 40dBm), if different from the default values listed at the bottom of the unit's specification sheet.
Ultra Linear (L) models can be optimized for use with various complex RF signals. Please contact Mercury Systems if specific performance specs are required.

As an example: SM2325-47L (core product catalog number)

To add options SM2325-47L-06-05-13 (three options have been added -06 is heat sink, -15 is a fan and -13 is the on/off function.

Option #Option NameOption Description
01FFWD DetectionAnalog DC voltage that increases as the Forward RF Output power increases.
01RREV DetectionAnalog DC voltage that increase as the Reflected RF Output increases.
02RF Sampling (Sample Port)Sample port provided with SMA connector (-30 dBr typical).
05FanAvailable on lab units and 19" rack mount configurations.
06Heat sinkIntegral heat sink is supplied for thermal management.
07N ConnectorsAvailable on certain models.
08Right Angle SMA ConnectorsAvailable on certain models.
10Hi Temperature Turn OffRaises thermal shut off temperature from default +75 degC to +85 - +90 degC
13On/OffTTL Control: Logic High (+2.5 - +5V) turns amplifier on. Logic Low (+0V - +1.2V) turns amplifier off.
13RReversed On/OffTTL Control: Logic Low (+0V - +1.2V) turns amplifier on. Logic High (+2.5 - +5V) turns amplifier off.
16No On/OffTTL On/Off option disabled. PA powers up when main DC power connected.
19+10 VDCMany amplifiers that operate on +12 VDC can be modified to operate on +10 VDC.
22Level ControlA voltage variable attenuator used to vary the gain. +0V = minimum attenuation, +5V = maximum attenuation (available on certain models).
23Control SwitchHigh speed (on/off) switching of the amplifier. (1 us Rise / Fall time).
24Thru-HolesHoles that go completely through the amplifier housing so that the unit can be mounted to an external heatsink. Default option when heatsink not equipped.
26Thermal DetectorAnalog voltage that increases as the case temperature rises.
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